Telephone cable

How to choose cable correctly?

Choosing cable correctly is very important, what kind of products meet the national standards. Let Biadi who specialized in the production of network cable tell you the details.

1. There is "CCC" certification mark.

2. Exquisite packaging. The packing of cable is same as other product. It has been paid much attention to product packaging by those large and medium-sized enterprises which their products comply with national standards.

3. Product appearance is smooth and round off, colour and lustre is uniform.

4. Exact length, the length of cable meet the national standards 100±0.5m ( Namely on thebasis of 100 meters, margin of error is 0.5 meters ), to protect the benefit of the consumers.

5. Clear certification mark.

As a network cable manufacturer, Biadi can supply you more and more good product.

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