Telephone cable

The storage method of the telephone cable

If you want to store the telephone cable for a long time, according to the placement of the cable, you should consider the following:

1. Under the roof. Cable can not be in not direct exposure to sunlight or ultra high temperature;standard LAN cable can be used, it is recommended to use the pipeline.

2. Outside the wall. Avoid the shine metope directly and artificially damage.

3. In the pipeline. If it is in the pipeline, paying attention to the damage of the plastic pipe and heat conduction of metal pipe.

4. Dangling application or aerial cable. The sag and stress of the cable should be considered,and shall intend to adopt which kind of binding way, and whether the cable is irradiated by the sunlight directly.

5. Laying in the underground cable conduit directly, it is smallest for the control range in this kind of environment.Checking the dry or wet degree on a regular basis for the installation of the cable conduit.

6. Underground pipeline. In order to facilitate future upgrades, auxiliary pipe is a good method for the cable replacement and isolation from surface pressure and the surrounding environment, auxiliary pipe isolated. But don't be in hope of the pipeline will stay dry, it will affect the selection of cable types.

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