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More than 30 china network cable build a "TV cinemas"

Chinese television cinemas alliance from 30 China network cable companys established on 23th December, open up the second largest film distribution outside the traditional market cinema.

"Chinese television theaters" alliance is a non-profit national, covering the whole country more than 20 million hd users, nearly two hundred million cable subscribers will implement the national cable network connectivity of the business, creating the world's largest cable television network viewing platform. Through cooperating with film producers, distributors, copyright, "TV cinemas" prolong the lifecycle of the film.

Union members will establish fund of copyright, attracting strong upstream proprietors and strategic investors, exclusive buyout high-quality films, effectively enlarge the cover of the film, improve the competitiveness of the Chinese TV, to speed up the pace of strategic transformation.

China network cable manufacturer will become the strong background of Chinese television cinemas alliance, Shenzhen Biadi Technology Co. Ltd is engaged in it, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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