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Environmental cable industry will be the future development trend(2)

In the wire and cable industry, environmental degradation will Forced companies made the following behavior: more efficient manufacturing equipment and technology to maximize material utilization, while minimizing pollutant discharge; in materials, energy-saving, environment-friendly materials, the ability to environment, the market to adapt. Environmental degradation will pour extract industry product direction, such as: energy saving cable,china LSZH cable, high-temperature superconducting cable and other environmentally friendly cable.

Some experts believe that with the world of environmental protection requirements continue to increase, the international environmental laws and regulations also increasing, increasingly stringent. Under the new economic situation and technical conditions, the development of the global wire and cable industry presents new trends, environmental cable gradually become the focus of development of global cable. Although the pace of China's environmental protection cables behind other countries, but also conform to the green trend, but also continue to improve environmental protection in the development of the cable market.

Green cable development and large-scale adoption has become an international trend, only production to meet market demand, adapt to the times of cable products to be able to effectively enhance the competitiveness of china network cable manufacturers, more win market into momentum. Market prospects green cable is very broad, environmental issues certainly is the trend, as countries become more concerned about environmental issues for environment-friendly cable promising.

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