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Environmental cable industry will be the future development trend(1)

With the promulgation of the EU ROHS Directive, environmental protection wire and china LSZH cable development and large-scale adoption has become an international trend. Cable got the attention of environmental protection, the cable companies have started to focus on the development and promotion of environmental protection cable, its share of the cable market is gradually increasing.

Wire and cable and environmental issues, life issues are closely related to people, whether it is personal or corporate procurement sourcing, procurement current market tend to bring low power consumption, the effect of the product throughout the economic environment change, the wire and cable market needs green, environmental protection, energy effectiveness of the product. Worsening environmental problems in China today, in harmony with the environment concept products are accepted by the market direction.

Do not use non-developed countries began environmentally friendly cable, our country also attaches great importance to this area. Currently, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities on the states: In large buildings or public places, not the use of PVC and other non-green cable; building height of over 100 meters in the civil construction must use a Class A fire-retardant LSZH cable; building height more than 100 meters of high-rise buildings and 100 meters below the building civilian people. With environmental awareness and safety awareness, eco-friendly products will be the future direction of china cable industry.

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