Telephone cable

RG6 Coaxial Cable

Rg6 coaxial cable for connection between the frequency bandwidth of digital set-top boxes to reach 30 trillion.

China coaxial cable can be divided according to their diameter: thick coaxial and thin coaxial cable. Thick applicable to relatively large local network, its standard long distance, high reliability, eliminating the need for cutting the cable installation, it can be flexibly adjusted according to the location of the computer network, but thick cable network must be installed transceiver cable, installation difficult, so the overall cost is high. In contrast, thin cable installation is relatively simple, low cost, but because of the installation process to cut off cable, two shall be fitted with basic network connector (BNC), and then connected to the T-connectors at both ends, so long as the joint is easy to produce bad risks, which is currently one of the most common faults running Ethernet occurred. Thick or thin cable are both bus topology, that is connected to a cable on multiple machines, this topology is suitable for machine-intensive environments, but when a contact failure, the failure will affect the entire root cable series All the machine. Fault diagnosis and repair are in trouble, therefore, will gradually be replaced by an unshielded twisted pair or fiber optic cable.

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