Telephone cable

Cable gland requirements

HV, EHV cable head requirements

1. The combination of different cable sizes, choose the appropriate traction head, according to the head can be suppressed within the traction conductor length, strip the insulation and shield, exposing the conductor to ensure exactly equal to the length of the exposed conductor within the first traction can crimp conductor length.

2.The length of the drawing head seals, the jacket, to ensure that the traction head just over the china cable manufacturer does not come loose.

3. Use epoxy glue in a 1: 1 ratio of modulation, evenly mixed evenly to have been stripped out of the conductor, insulation shield and a metal sleeve to ensure that there are plastic caps after pulling overflow.

4. The conductor cross-section, the choice of a suitable die of cold, cold press pressure tractor conductor crimp should pay attention to pressure over the surface to prevent damage, as the conductor pressed into hexagons, each traction head press 3, each crimping gap between the two is not less than 10mm, ensuring pulling tractor can drag the whole cable, displacement does not occur.

5. tapered sleeve welding, crimping head after a good traction should be set on top of the original cone sleeve and seal with welding, soldering week four points, spot welding firm, and the polished surface, ensure that the cables in drag process does not fall off the cone sleeve.

6. Head

A, the cable within the first choice of the provisions of the specifications used inner sealing cap seal prison uniform heating, cooling dense layer of less than 40cm with special heat-shrinkable tubing seal the caps have been sealed to ensure that outside beyond 5cm, within head exceed 10cm cap intact even after heating, until uniform contraction.

B, at least outside rg6 coaxial cable with two special heat-shrinkable tubing, inner length 30cm, outer length of not less than 60cm, inner heat shrink tubing package to end just above the conical sleeve, and the other end of the package to the outer sheath put not less than 10cm, uniform heat shrinkage after cooling, the outer layer of heat shrink tubing to seal the inner casing, has been set to ensure that the outer end of the traction crimping head, the other end of the sleeve to have wrapped then move inward sleeve 20cm, make sure to watch from the outside is a whole, but also play a waterproof seal.

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