Telephone cable

Biadi package of cable

For different cables, external packaging materials are defined as follows:

1. Export cable packaging

Packed in wooden cases, before he put the china network cables or wires, by packing staff with snakeskin bag (110 insulation material packaging) flat against the ground into a wooden box, and press into the circle of the order will become a good cable or ring flat wire into a wooden box, cover after cover. Fill out the appropriate packing list, do the inspection workshop director unified identity.

Cable tray packaging, the inner skin with a special plastic packaging, sealed with tape to ensure that the packaging obedient, seal formation, after the workshop organized by the metalworking with galvanized iron packaging, sealing tightly secure.

2. fluorine plastic, silicone rubber, bare cables into a disk BV wire, insulated overhead cables, HV, EHV cable or non-black outer sheath of the cable packaging

A, with a special plastic skin with overlapping requirements 25cm flat against the floor wrapped with tape head, ensuring special plastic sheeting not Alice head, no drum kits.

B, with special packaging mats wrapped package after package buckle, packaging should pay attention to the lock should be lifted in order to avoid the catch hooks to the cable surface, causing damage to the cable.

C, fastening strap should be parallel, according to the tray with a wide range, were selected 2-5 road package with uniform truss, elastic fit.

3. looped cable packaging

Wires and cables in the warehouse packaging direct from the warehouse with a small plastic bag packaging, centralized classification after filling the snakeskin bag packing, fill in your pocket outside Xiangxi inventory details.

In the quality control workshop looped cable package, arranged by the inspection workshop dedicated direct wrapping plastic skin, after certification waterproof measures sealed with tape wrapped on the corresponding product packaging plastic skin, make sure not to lose.

4.Packaging  Cable Accessories

Cable accessories packaging, quality control workshop arranged by the production department for packaging in accordance with Annex varieties, ensure that the accessory product no nudity phenomenon is not damaged during transport.

5. cable packaging

UTP Cable manufacturer should be used with a dedicated storage reels, cable tension even suitable cable tidy, with a special plastic packaging inner skin layers after the parcel, arranged by the production department with wooden sealed packaging to ensure that play a protective role.

6. In addition to other cable packages of

After fixing the cable head, the choice of the appropriate width of 25cm mats overlap with corrugated packaging. Fastening strap should be parallel, according to the tray with a wide range, were selected 2-5 road package with uniform truss, elastic fit.

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